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Unfunny wifi hotspots on a plane

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, May 4, 2016.

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    News broke yesterday where a flight in Australia was delayed due to some intellectually challenged individual thought it would be funny to rename his/her wifi hotspot. But, before we dig into that I’ll share a personal story.

    A few months ago I took my daughter to her piano lesson. Normally this is where I sit there for a half hour with a book and a coffee and relax. On this occasion I managed to forget my book and my coffee. So, I decided to look for open wifi access points for giggles. One of the first ones that I discovered was an iPhone belonging to a woman named Carrie.

    My smartass side jumped up and said, “Hey I have an idea”. So, I renamed the wifi hotspot on my iPhone to “Hey Carrie, what’s up?” Now, not one to pat myself on the back but, I found that funny. What happened on the Qantas flight QF481 was most assuredly not funny.

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