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Topbeat, filebeat, winlogbeat

Discussion in 'Install Logstash and Kibana on a Windows server.' started by Gene, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Gene

    Gene New Member Member

    I finished getting through with getting topbeat, filebeat, winlogbeat installed and running with Kibana.

    But my question is, how do I get them to read my log files as sample runs and can I customize them.

    Also if I can get them to read the logs is there a specific directory I have to store them in?
  2. sbagmeijer

    sbagmeijer Machine

    I apologise your post must have slipped past me so sorry for the late reply.

    If you take my config as example (the one you get when you install the rpm):

    Under the "prospectors:" you can add multiple log files so for example I use for Hiawatha like this:

      - /var/log/hiawatha/access.log
    input_type: log
    document_type: hiawatha-access
    And then if you want to make the logs more your own or look different in Logstash you have to look into the "Logstash filter" option and create a filter that fits for your log file.

    I hope that helps a little.

    (the above was a linux example but works exactly same on Windows)

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