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Time for a ‘Flash' extinction level event

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Ages ago the dinosaurs roamed the earth. All evidence demonstrates that they met with an untimely end. Much in the same vein, I firmly believe that Adobe’s Flash has reached it’s own extinction level event. Time for this dinosaur to quietly slip into the tar pits and be relegated to the mists of time.

    In the last few weeks we saw news come to light that the hapless Hacking Team had a few zero day exploits that they used to gain access to remote systems for themselves or their clients. I wasn’t vexed by this so much as I was befuddled that we still see Adobe Flash in heavy use across the vast expanses of the Internet.

    Why is Flash still used? Well, because it is visually appealing. Much in the same way that a cat chases a red dot across the floor, we find ourselves drawn to the visual aesthetic of Flash. The problem being is that security is a huge problem for this particular product. A quick search on OSVDB shows over 500 security issues with Flash. I didn’t even take the time to break it down into high or critical buckets because I think on shear volume alone we see the results in stark detail.

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