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The story of a DDoS extortion attack – how one company decided to take a stand

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Last Friday, June 10, a member of the IT team at German payments processor Computop retrieved an email sent to one of the company's public addresses threatening to hit the firm's customer websites with a massive DDoS attack if a ransom of 15 Bitcoins (about £7,900) was not paid to the attackers by June 15.

    The attackers had launched a smaller demo DDoS to prove their intent, the email said, something IT staff confirmed after checking monitoring systems. This was clearly a threat with the capability to do serious damage.

    "If you decide not to pay, we will start the attack at the indicated date and uphold it until you do, there's no counter measure to this. You will only end up wasting more money trying to find a solution.," the email warned in broken English.

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