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The future of LastPass - what is next for the Internet's top password manager?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Dec 9, 2015.

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    Two months on from LogMeIn's contentious $110 million (£70 million) acquisition of the popular password security system LastPass, Computerworld UK decided to test the water on the application's future under its new owners. Takeovers are a common and often desirable occurrence in tech and security, allowing smaller companies to gain investment and access to new customers. Just as often they mean small, innovative, popular products disappearing into larger firms that don't understand them or necessarily care about the established user base.

    On the basis of LogMeIn's answers to our questions, it sounds as if this one will fall into a generally positive grey area between these two extremes. On the one hand the answers below avoid making any firm statements regarding future pricing of LastPass Premium (the annual $12 fee is considered a bargain by many) but neither do they suggest any big hikes are likely. LogMeIn seems to be attracted to the value in retaining the large user base that LastPass built over many years. Changing things would be risky and pretty bad PR - LastPass's user base is active and more influential than most.

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