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Teenager claims to have accessed FTPs, downloaded data from every state with .us domain

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Sep 19, 2016.

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    A security researcher going by Minxomat scanned IPv4 addresses and then released a list of nearly 800,000 open FTP servers, meaning no authentication is required to access them. His scan revealed that 4.32% of all FTP servers in the IPv4 address space allowed “anonymous” users to login with no password.

    “This is a list of all (796,578) FTP servers directly connected to port 21 in the IPv4 address space that allow anonymous logins,” Minxomat wrote on GitHub. “The login must be completed in less than five seconds to qualify for this list.”

    If an FTP server was meant to be public, he did not include it in the list. In his post describing “mass-analyzing a chunk of the internet,” Minxomat said he set up filters to exclude other results such as “POS system firmware update servers and printers (firmware|printer).”

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