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Snowden talks about secret smartphone spying Smurfs, coming home to go to prison

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Oct 6, 2015.

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    During the BBC’s Panorama series “Edward Snowden: Spies and the Law,” which is not viewable per say from the US, Snowden discussed how intelligence agencies “want to own your phone instead of you.” The topic of hacking smartphones for surveillance starts about nine minutes into the interview as Snowden revealed the GCHQ’s “Smurf Suite.”

    “Dreamy Smurf is the power management tool,” explained Snowden, “which means turning your phone on or off without you knowing.” Yes, it can control the power even if your phone is off.

    “Nosey Smurf is the hot-miccing tool. So, for example, if it’s in your pocket they can turn the microphone on and listen to everything that’s going on around you.” Yes, “even if your phone is switched off because they’ve got the other tools for turning it on.”

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