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Seven things government security leaders expect vendors to address

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, May 28, 2015.

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    Finally, the meeting has arrived.

    After many months of phone calls, e-mails, a WebEx demo and other prep work, you walk in the room and sit down with the government security leader and his or her team. Your hand-picked group of rock stars has been waiting for this moment. They even flew in early to practice the PowerPoint presentation.

    Your pitch is flawless. The scheduled one hour provides enough time for the perfect balance of fresh content and an open discussion with next steps.

    Everything is ready to go.

    But, after starting six minutes late because the conference room was fully booked and the last meeting ran over, you go through the formalities of walking around and shaking hands. Your entire team exchanges business cards with a half-dozen government staff, three of whom you don’t recognize.

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