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  1. mcinnes01

    mcinnes01 New Member Member


    Thanks for the great tutorial, I have on question about scaling...

    So I tried to separate things out to fit my test environment a little better, I already have ElasticSearch running on a server and I already have a webserver and I decided to put logstash on another server also.

    I tried configuring the connection strings appropriately but I couldn't get kibana to work, it seemed to be struggling to connect to elasticsearch. I tried running kibana from the elasticsearch server and seemed to get it working there but I kept running in to the same problem regardless of what I set in the config when running on separate servers. I would imagine this is perhaps a firewall issue? I am running all windows 2012 VMs from hyper-v.

    You mentioned in your tutorial about setting start up dependencies on the services, how would you deal with this in my scenario?

    Many thanks

  2. sbagmeijer

    sbagmeijer Machine

    Hello Andy,

    That is perfectly possible I have actually a similar setup on Amazon with a Front server, ElasticSearch server and a Logstash server.
    For me the connections have been no problem as long as you open up the firewalls correctly so I think in your case that it is indeed the issue, also ofcourse update the configs accordingly so it matches the remote servers and that Logstash / ElasticSearch run on a ip that is reachable from the other servers.

    Regarding the dependencies I personally start it manual since I have no production environment, but if you are good with powershell you could make a simple script that runs as a service and checks if the elasticsearch port is open, (maybe another check by getting the url or a index to make sure) and if yes then start logstash, maybe not very nice but it would automate things atleast.

    I have to be honest never looked deep into this problem and if it is possible another way in Windows to start services based on a remote service.

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