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Salted Hashed Rehashed: The weekly news recap for June 24, 2016

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Welcome to the weekly recap of news and other interesting items. Today's Rehashed is somewhat overshadowed by the Brexit meltdown in the United Kingdom. There were plenty of things happening in the security world this week, but the fallout from EU referendum is sure to dominate headlines for the rest of the month.

    This week's recap will cover LinkedIn, YouTube defacements, Blizzard's authentication problems, banking malware, government contracts, Ransomware, and the fact that FBI doesn't need a warrant to hack you.

    FBI doesn't need a warrant to hack your computer

    A U.S. court in Virginia has ruled that the FBI can hack into a suspect's computer without a warrant, which stirred privacy advocates for obvious reasons. The case where the ruling was logged is a child pornography case. However, it's unlikely the ruling will hold up in appeal.

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