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Salted Hash Rehashed: Vegas Adventures (Part II)

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Aug 16, 2016.

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    Welcome to this week's second installment of Rehashed. Today's post has a quick recap of the shenanigans that took place earlier this month in Las Vegas, along some updated information and additional insight that didn't appear in our videos shot during BSides Las Vegas, and Black Hat.

    First up, we have an update to a video we recorded during BSides Las Vegas. Munin, who had never been called a hacker before (until we gave him that title), has created a rather cool tool to deal with Phishing and other threats that rely on domain resolution, such as Ransomware and macro-based email threats. He calls it foghorn.

    Fight Phishing with DNS:

    The video below offers some basics on foghorn itself, but Munin recently opened the project's Github to the public, which includes a whitepaper, FAQ, and his slides from BSidesLV. The project is active, and there are updates in the works.

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