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Researchers take aim at SmartThings security, develop 4 proof-of-concept attacks

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, May 2, 2016.

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    Researchers from the University of Michigan and Microsoft Research took aim at Samsung’s SmartThings and came up with four proof-of-concept attacks that they believe should make SmartThings owners a bit paranoid by thinking about worst case scenarios in which hackers remotely take control of your home.

    If a hacker could unlock your door while you are sleeping, then your safety is at risk. If the door is unlocked while you were away, then you might have come home to discover all your cool tech is gone. If a hacker could continually set off your smoke alarm, then your sanity might be tested.

    None of those examples are out of the realm of possibility as the researchers exploited SmartThings framework design flaws and developed attacks which included stealing door lock PIN codes, changing the lock code, triggering a fake fire alarm and turning off vacation mode “all without requiring SmartApps to have capabilities to carry out these operations and without physical access to the home.”

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