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Privacy, risk and trolls: Dealing with the security challenges of YouTube fame

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 24, 2016.

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    ANAHEIM - With over a billion users and millions of hours of content, YouTube is the second most-visited web site on the internet and has seen its popularity explode over the last decade. YouTube officials say the media force of the online video-sharing site shows no signs of slowing as growth in watch time has climbed at least 50 percent year over year for the last three years.

    These days, millions of people are logging on daily to watch videos, and it is launching careers and paying big bucks for some creators who have managed to net millions of subscribers. Subscribers watch these YouTubers with the same kind of loyalty a generation before them watched popular television shows. They log on to check out their favorite YouTube content, which can include anything from family reality shows to gaming content to lifestyle tips and tricks. The amount of content and subjects are endless. Fans watch, make comments and share the videos. Advertisers easily recognize the power of YouTube, particularly among younger demographics, and are making deals daily with popular YouTube stars. Many YouTubers make six or seven figure salaries off of the content they are creating.

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