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Phishing attacks targeting government agencies linked to Hacking Team breach

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jul 17, 2015.

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    In an alert on Friday, the FBI has issued a warning about an active phishing campaign targeting various government agencies in the U.S.

    The alert says phishing emails in July and those from June targeted an Adobe Flash vulnerability discovered in the Hacking Team files.

    The FBI memo says the vulnerability being leveraged in the phishing attacks is CVE-2015-5119, otherwise known as the vulnerability in Adobe Flash that was discovered by Hacking Team and made public after the company was breached earlier this month.

    From the memo:

    "The FBI has received information regarding a likely ongoing phishing campaign that started 08 July 2015 and was observed targeting US government agencies. This campaign is similar to a June campaign launched by similar malicious actors. In both campaigns, the e-mails contain a link that exploits Adobe Flash vulnerability CVE-2015-5119."

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