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People are (still) the biggest security risks

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Mar 25, 2016.

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    "We're battling thousands of years of evolution," says Kevin Epstein, vice president of the Threat Operations Center at Proofpoint. "It's natural to be curious about things. Unfortunately, with email scams, it's better to think before you click."

    One more reason we – the collective “we,” that is – continue clicking on malicious links or downloading bogus attachments, despite being told not to: hackers have gotten much better at pretending to be someone they're not, using social engineering to slip past our guard by masquerading as someone else.

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    It's worked, too. An employees at Seagate was recently the victim of an email phishing scam that lead to the release of W-2s of past and current employees, W-2s that include Social Security numbers and salaries among other personal information. An employee at Snapchat was also just phished into sending out payroll information into the wrong hands.

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