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Penn State disables network after attack, says China is to blame

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, May 16, 2015.

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    The Penn State College of Engineering took their network offline on Friday, after being targeted by what the school is calling two "sophisticated" cyber attacks. The university engaged FireEye to help with incident response, who in-turn stated that actors in China were responsible.

    The school says that plans are in place to allow teaching and research to continue while recovery efforts and investigations take place.

    In a statement, the school explained further:

    "In a coordinated and deliberate response by Penn State, the College of Engineering’s computer network has been disconnected from the Internet and a large-scale operation to securely recover all systems is underway. Contingency plans are in place to allow engineering faculty, staff and students to continue in as much of their work as possible while significant steps are taken to upgrade affected computer hardware and fortify the network against future attack. The outage is expected to last for several days, and the effects of the recovery will largely be limited to the College of Engineering."

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