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Oracle M7 Enhances CPU-level Security

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Oct 27, 2015.

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    As summer turned to fall, the IT industry got together at VMworld and then Re:Invent to celebrate cloud computing. This translated to software-defined everything – data centers, networking, storage, etc.

    Yup, we are deep into a hype cycle where the entire industry is in a state of gaga over all things associated with software like flexibility and agility. Great stuff but software has to run somewhere so there is and always will be market for high-performance hardware.

    This week at Oracle Open World, Oracle (a company synonymous with software) actually introduced a new piece of hardware along these lines, the SPARC M7. Now any CPU announcement is bound to focus on raw horsepower and this one is no different. The M7 is a 32-core, 256-threat CPU built for high-performance computing. Perfect for database queries and big data analytics but Oracle’s new processor also provides some built-in cybersecurity improvements including:

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