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Discussion in 'Install Logstash and Kibana on a Windows server.' started by zen.xen, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. zen.xen

    zen.xen New Member Member

    I try to send logs from Windows machine to ELK with nxlog and it doesn't work, here is my nxlog.conf, maybe someone will correct it.
    What and where should I change on ELK server?

    define ROOT C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog
    Moduledir %ROOT%\modules
    CacheDir %ROOT%\data
    Pidfile %ROOT%\data\nxlog.pid
    SpoolDir %ROOT%\data
    LogFile %ROOT%\data\nxlog.log
    <Extension json>
        Module      xm_json
    <Input in>
        Module      im_msvistalog
        Exec to_json();
    <Output elasticsearch>
        Module      om_http
        ContentType application/json
        Exec        set_http_request_path(strftime($EventTime, "/logstash-%Y.%m.%d/" + $SourceModuleName)); rename_field("timestamp","@timestamp"); to_json();        
    <Route 1>
        Path        in => elasticsearch

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