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Next-generation Endpoint Security Market Bifurcation

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, May 13, 2016.

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    My colleagues Doug Cahill, Kyle Prigmore, and I just completed a research project on next-generation endpoint security. Just what the heck is next-generation endpoint security? Cybersecurity professionals remain pretty confused around the answer to this question. For the purposes of its research project, ESG defined next-generation endpoint security as (note: I am an ESG employee):

    Endpoint security software controls designed to prevent, detect, and respond to previously unseen exploits and malware.

    As part of this project, ESG interviewed dozens of organizations that were either supplementing or replacing traditional antivirus software on PCs of all kinds. I’ve written a few blogs about why these organizations were moving beyond AV alone, how they selected new endpoint security products, and some details about their testing and deployment methodologies. Aside from this technology overview however, I did come away with some strong theories about the next-generation endpoint security market in general.

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