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Meteors, disasters and the diesel generators

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Sep 27, 2016.

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    In August of 2003 it was just after 4 pm and I was leaving a vendor event where I was watching a professional tennis match. I was looking forward to the weekend ahead with a light Friday on the schedule. I could not have known how wrong I was and then my cell phone began to ring. My boss was on the phone. The street lights ahead of me had gone out. That wasn’t the harbinger that in retrospect it should have been.

    Boss: “Get in to the office. The power has gone out."

    Me: "For the office?"

    Boss: “Worse"

    Me: “Toronto?"

    Boss: “Worse"

    Me: “Ontario?”

    Boss: “All of it"

    The phone then went dead and with it the northeastern part of North America went dark. The lights out. It would be a good seven hours before any lights would come back on again.

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