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Memories of 9/11: More than lost buildings

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Sep 9, 2016.

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    Like many, my memories of 9/11 are personal and still vivid. At the time, I was Chief of the Technology Crime Unit of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, the county immediately to the east of New York City. I always listened to local news or talk radio in my office, and on that morning I heard the announcement of a plane striking the World Trade Center.

    As most people, I interpreted it to be a stray two-passenger plane that bounced off one of the Towers. Still, I was curious enough to walk downstairs and enter the deputy chief investigator’s office to watch his TV.

    Put four or five prosecutors and investigators in a room watching events like this unfold in real time, and the inevitable analysis of what we observed immediately began. The massive hole in the side of North Tower belied any possibility of this being a small plane. Moreover, the size and position of the impact point led us all to begin wondering if this was an intentional act.

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