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Malware author tries hand at PR, contacts IBM to correct blog post

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Sep 6, 2016.

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    An author on the IBM security blog recently got an interesting request.

    The developer of a mobile malware kit wasn't pleased with their reporting, so they reached out to correct the record. IBM's coverage wasn't helping the criminal's business, and so the researcher's post needed fixing.

    The email came from the author and core developer of Bilal Bot, a low-rent Android-based malware application designed to harvest data for use in a number of schemes, including banking fraud, card fraud, and identity theft.

    The developer reached out to IBM's Limor Kessem after she wrote about the competition in the mobile malware marketplace.


    The criminal's PR outreach centered on two points; correcting the record with two of the other kits mentioned in the post, and to make sure IBM understands the kit is no longer in beta – it has increased it's features and the pricing model has changed.

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