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Linux Mint hacked: Compromised data up for sale, ISO downloads backdoored

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Feb 22, 2016.

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    On Saturday, Linux Mint disclosed that someone had compromised their website and made changes to links in order to direct users to malicious downloads.

    The altered links pointed to a modified Linux Mint ISO that contained a backdoor. In addition, the Linux Mint forums were also compromised, and the person claiming responsibility has put it up for sale online.


    For a brief time on Saturday, February 20, users attempting to download Linux Mint might have downloaded a version that contained a backdoor. In a blog post on Saturday, the Linux Mint team outlined the attack in detail.

    After creating a backdoored ISO for Linux Mint, the attacker(s) then compromised the project's website (linuxmint.com) by targeting vulnerabilities in WordPress. Once the attacker(s) gained access to the website, they altered the download links and pointed them to the modified ISO.

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