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Latest massive DDoS attack suggests criminals are plotting long campaigns

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jul 22, 2016.

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    DDoS attackers just keep at it but the way they keep at it continues to evolve. According to an Akamai note, on 18 June, an unnamed "large European media organisation" (presumably e-gaming) experienced a sudden DDoS assault that in 10 minutes rose to a peak of 363 Gbps.

    That's a large attack by any standards Akamai's description of the events of that day reveals other interesting trends worth paying attention to such as the way DDoS criminals are expanding the complexity of their attacks while the defenders find themselves building huge global defences simply to keep up.

    It's probably not a complete surprise that the attack bundles extreme size with the use of six different attack types; DNS reflection, SYN flood, UDP fragment, PUSH flood, TCP flood, and UDP flood. Barely 2 percent of attacks use this multi-pronged approach but it's clearly a growing trend. As reported by Computerworld UK, on 14 June, days before the attack reported by Akamai, mitigation provider Incapsula recorded an even more massive flood that also used the spray and pray technique.

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