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Keep out ahead of shadow IT

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Sep 28, 2015.

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    It's time to face a cold, hard fact: The "shadow IT" parade is passing you by, and if you don't get out in front of it and lead it where you want it to go, you might get run over.

    Gartner projected in 2012 that marketing department spending on IT will surpass IT department spending on IT in the near future. True, that has yet to happen, but the scales keep tipping. Take a hard look at that future: You may not be in it.

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    Shadow IT has been presented as a new threat to IT departments because of the cloud. Not true -- the cloud has simply made it easier for non-IT personnel to acquire and create their own solutions without waiting for IT's permission. Moreover, the cloud has made this means of technical problem-solving more visible, bringing shadow IT into the light. In fact, "shadow IT" is more of a legacy pejorative for what should better be labeled "DIY IT." After all, shadow IT has always been about people solving their own problems with technology.

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