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Kaspersky Lab: There is still a lack of cyber-savviness

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Dec 22, 2015.

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    Almost half of us undermine our online security by sharing passwords, according to findings by software security group, Kaspersky Lab.

    The findings of Kaspersky Lab’s recent consumer surveys showed 44 per cent of Internet users admit having shared their passwords or stored them in visible places, demonstrating a lack of cyber-savviness and making it easy for cyber-criminals to unlock and gain access into the online lives of consumers.

    Respondents also were more likely to think strong passwords were necessary for the online services they valued most highly.

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    The studies found that according to consumers the sites most in need of strong passwords were online banking (54 per cent), email (44 per cent) and social media sites (24 per cent). The list of the top three most important applications was almost identical, at 53 per cent for online banking, 43 per cent for email and 21 per cent for social media sites.

    Findings also showed consumers believe that online shopping and payment applications require strong passwords, but don’t place the same value on these sites. 29 per cent considered online shopping to be a personally important service, although over a third (38 per cent) felt it warranted a strong password.

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