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Judge strips redactions from NSL showing info FBI gets without a warrant

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Dec 1, 2015.

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    A federal judge lifted an 11-year gag order the FBI had imposed on Nicholas Merrill and removed redactions of a National Security Letter (NSL) so Americans can see the overly broad “types of electronic communications transaction records” that the FBI has sought and continues to seek through NSLs.

    The FBI served the NSL back in 2004 when Nicholas Merrill owned and operated Calyx Internet Access, a small ISP with about 200 customers. After the judge found in favor of Merrill and not the government, Merrill said, “For more than a decade, the FBI has fought tooth and nail in order to prevent me from speaking freely about the NSL I received. Judge Marrero’s decision vindicates the public’s right to know how the FBI uses warrantless surveillance to peer into our digital lives. I hope today’s victory will finally allow Americans to engage in an informed debate about proper the scope of the government’s warrantless surveillance powers.”

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