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Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Apr 6, 2015.

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    In my humble opinion. It’s an easy way to say that what I say here is just my opinion. It’s a gut instinct, if you will. But as with many of you, I’ve learned to rely upon that gut instinct, and that instinct is beginning to scream lately. It’s not because of any particular issue, but rather a trend I am encountering.

    As I hear from many of you, your Boards of Directors have been taking a far greater interest in your efforts to manage cyber risk. More time in meetings, more attention to details, more questions. All of these are nice because they usually result in more budget and more legitimacy across the business. But to get here you had to take advantage of others missteps. The Targets, Home Depots, TJXs, Anthems…the list goes on and on. They garnered their Boards’ attention because of unfortunate cyber security incidents that happened at their own businesses. But as luck would have it, your Board members read the press and wanted to make sure that your organization doesn’t become the next up on Brian Krebs’ hit parade. Cyber risk finally has the Board’s attention.

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