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IDG Contributor Network: What is your risk number?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jan 22, 2016.

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    A few weeks ago, a new acquaintance made a cynical joke about the CISO being the person to blame and fire when a cybersecurity breach occurs in a company. While I privately grinned in dismay about the comment, there is some truth to the statement. It reminds me of a very critical question every CISO job candidate must ask during a job interview: “If the company has a cybersecurity breach, will I be fired?”

    As we all know, cybersecurity is everybody’s responsibility, not just the CISO who is in charge of cybersecurity. For many years, cybersecurity has been ignored as evidenced with the high number of security breaches, which leads to the comment that we hear very often from the C-Suite: “Are we safe?” This loaded question is ridiculous from where we sit, as it will evoke a loaded answer from any CISO. Trying to determine if a company is “safe” from cyber-attacks has so many variables and components that nobody could really quantify that level of protection a company really has without lots of metrics and Power Point slides.

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