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IDG Contributor Network: Threat hunting: the sport of the future?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, May 13, 2016.

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    A few years ago, Dave Amsler, president and founder of Foreground Security, now Raytheon Foreground Security, began studying inefficiencies running in SOCs. Once discovered, he sought to answer the question, “Where should we be going?” He realized that threat hunting would be—in the words of John Cusack in the classic 80’s romantic comedy Say Anything—the ‘sport’ of the future.

    Amsler also founded Foreground University, and since the acquisition, Raytheon has integrated Foreground’s online training curriculum offering 93 courses that help build the next generation of cyber hunters right out of college.

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    Threat hunting is very different from bug bounty hunters in that, “Bug bounty is more offensive. The idea is for a hunter to find a hole in this code that they can manipulate. They are looking to find one thing wrong with the code, environment, or website. Threat hunting is a completely defensive mindset. You have to know how to look at and see all things traversing the environment and still find the bad guy,” Amsler said.

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