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IDG Contributor Network: This company's name isn't a joke: Secret Double Octopus goes...

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Nov 18, 2015.

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    The process of naming a startup is fraught with peril - founders need to find a name which is catchy, ideally short, and one for which the URL is still available. Seemingly throwing most of the rules (at least about brevity or sense) out the window, Secret Double Octopus, a new company just emerging from stealth, has at least ensured one thing - no one will forget its name.

    Beyond quirky names, however, this company is doing something interesting. Yet another cybersecurity company that originated in Israel, Secret Double Octopus (we'll call it SDO to avoid the risks of overuse injury from repeatedly typing the name) is all about securing networking traffic and authentication beyond the traditional approaches of PKI, SSL and VPN. SDO aims to help secure data in transit, whether it's between sites, between a website and the cloud, or within mobile or IoT use cases. SDO's approach employs secret sharing, thereby eliminating the need for cryptographic keys.

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