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IDG Contributor Network: The modern look of a utility's chief security officer

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Before a utility company establishes a new CSO position, fills a vacant role, or reorganizes its existing security function, it must understand the industry needs and expectations for the modern CSO. Unlike just 10 years ago, utilities have looked to a senior security professional to manage risk, harden infrastructure, and maintain compliance with regulatory security requirements.

    The senior security professional, typically at the vice president or director level, now has direct access to the CEOand company boards of trustees, often to supply situational awareness of physical and cybersecurity issues. The CSO should have the ability to mold or shape policy from the boardroom or from the senior staff meeting. The good news for CSOs is that more board-level visibility can lead to more investment in security. Even the best CSO, however, cannot be successful without backing from senior executives. So, what makes a CSO worth their weight in gold?

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