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IDG Contributor Network: Internet 101: Securing ecommerce and the digital enterprise

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Most enterprises today are digital publishers. From banks to hotels and large companies, few enterprises are without some level of ecommerce.

    Chris Olson, CEO at The Trust Media, said, "Whether the enterprise is brick and mortar or ecommerce, they are earning a significant amount of revenue via the Internet."

    Within the ecosystem, 78 percent of all code that renders is not first-party owned. The issue for enterprise security, said Olson, is that most IT governance frameworks pay little to no attention to code that is running on the user side to do all of their analytics.

    Millions of very normal transactions occur on a daily basis where customers click to book hotel rooms, order clothing, have groceries delivered or simply browse a company website. "For a hotel company, 50% of the revenue is booked via its website," Olson said.

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