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IDG Contributor Network: How social media is changing what can be said, when and where

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Dave is the kind of salesman that every company wants. Driven, slightly aggressive, persistent and a contact list a mile wide. He has lots of followers on his Facebook page and Twitter feed and is growing even more quickly on Pinterest, thanks to the photos of your company's products that he posts.

    When Dave closes a deal he takes the team out for beers, treats his family to a nice dinner out and brags about it on his social media accounts. Lots of people reply with congratulations or words of encouragement.

    Amy, in your accounting department has a different social media presence that reflects her more reserved personality. She blogs regularly on Tumblr and posts selfies on Instagram while in pensive poses when problems overwhelm her. She doesn't have as many followers as Dave, but the people who care about her have followers of their own and whatever she posts, they re-post, "like" or tweet about so many others see what Amy is thinking and feeling, too.

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