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IDG Contributor Network: How secure is your email?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 8, 2015.

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    We send and receive a lot of email. Much of it is fairly benign: newsletter subscriptions, “hi, how are you” messages from friends, perhaps emergency services alerts (living in Central Texas, my mailbox in May had an oversize number of these), or online billing notifications. While most email is not of a nature that our world would end if someone were able to read it, we still prefer some privacy. After all, the old adage “you’ve been reading my mail” is rooted in a desire to keep some things to oneself.

    Common email providers tend to allow (or require) a secure HTTPS connection between the browser or email client and their servers. Ignoring for a moment the variety of flaws that have surfaced in different SSL implementations over the past year, you can be reasonably sure no one can read messages between the server and your web browser. Google made HTTPS the default for Gmail in 2010, and made it the only option last March. Yahoo made SSL the default in early 2014. Microsoft’s Outlook.com now uses HTTPS only as well.

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