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IDG Contributor Network: Florida privacy law adds breach notification and strengthens...

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Sep 2, 2016.

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    We all remember from our early education learning about the three major branches of government in the US: The executive, the legislative and the judicial branches. But how does our legal system work to create privacy law for all our different business sectors?

    Hint.. it’s not how they do it in Europe. We begin by looking at Constitutional law. The U.S and state Constitutions are the primary source of law in America. However a state Constitution may afford more privacy protection than the broader U.S. Constitution. Enter the FIPA act of 2014 from the state of Florida.

    The Florida Information Protection Act. Each state has its own flavor of data privacy law if it has one at all. FIPA says, "An act relating to security of confidential personal information; providing a short title; repealing s. 4 817.5681, F.S., relating to a breach of security concerning confidential personal information in third-party possession; creating s. 501.171, F.S.; providing definitions; requiring specified entities to take reasonable measures to protect and secure data containing personal information in electronic form; requiring specified entities to notify the Department of Legal Affairs of data security breaches; requiring notice to individuals of data security breaches under certain circumstances..."

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