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IDG Contributor Network: All the buzzwords: Behavioral biometric adaptive authentication...

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Feb 24, 2016.

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    SecureAuth is a vendor in the authentication and access space. It covers a range of related functions including authentication, single sign on, and user self-service. At its core, SecureAuth is juggling the conflicting aims of ensuring easy access to applications by legitimate users and high security for sensitive data.

    One of the ways in which companies reconcile these seemingly irreconcilable aims is through using deep analytics to automate some of the access functions. A case in point comes from SecureAuth's latest version, which includes behavioral analytics, risk analysis, and biometric tracking.

    What all that means is that SecureAuth is offering to analyze a user's keystrokes and mouse movements to build a profile of an individual user's behavior. Thereafter, this profile is compared to subsequent login attempts and, if they don't match, SecureAuth applies a higher level of access control.

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