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IDG Contributor Network: 5 common mistakes when responding to a security incident

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jan 21, 2016.

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    One of the greatest challenges of transitioning to a new career or starting a new job is not so much knowing what to do, but learning what not to do. Most professionals find themselves in their fields because of a passion that drove them there, and most of us want to excel at our work.

    I love crafting sentences that bring the senses of sight and sound together in a warm cadence that makes a reader say “Wow!” What I hate more than anything is when I make a mistake. I’ve made plenty this past year. In fact, some of you may have sent me a message asking for a typo to be fixed. It happens.

    In the security industry, though, mistakes can be costly. That’s why I had a chat with Ben Johnson, chief security strategist at Bit9+Carbon Black, who offered up some sage words of wisdom on the common mistakes folks make in responding to a security incident.

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