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Hey Snapchat, don’t be embarrassed, just take care of your staff and learn from this

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Day one at the RSA Conference. While this week’s theme of threat intelligence is still the key coverage point, something happened recently at Snapchat that's worth discussing - so here's a quick recap from the show floor.

    On Sunday, Snapchat reported that their payroll department was the victim of a Phishing attack that led to the compromise of employee data. There have been a number of similar attacks of this nature this month, as criminals seek staff records for tax-related fraud.

    The company outlined the incident on their blog:

    “Last Friday, Snapchat’s payroll department was targeted by an isolated email phishing scam in which a scammer impersonated our Chief Executive Officer and asked for employee payroll information. Unfortunately, the phishing email wasn’t recognized for what it was–a scam–and payroll information about some current and former employees was disclosed externally. To be perfectly clear though: None of our internal systems were breached, and no user information was accessed.

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