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Google's new Data Loss Prevention tools could drive enterprise adoption of Gmail

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Enterprises that do not have an extremely large IT operating scale or unique compliance requirements don't have much of a reason to operate internal email systems. Yesterday, Google announced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for its enterprise Gmail service, eliminating one more compliance reason justifying the operation of custom email services within the enterprise. DLP checks email messages and attachments for sensitive data to prevent disclosure to unauthorized personnel. Sensitive data includes trade secrets or intellectual property or data regulated in industries like healthcare and financial services.

    Innovation often takes a back seat to compliance; the more regulated the business, the more compliance becomes a roadblock to innovation. Before Google released DLP, the burden of data loss compliance standards prevented some enterprises from taking advantage of Gmail's 900 million mailbox scale. Few enterprises can operate email services with the redundancy, resilience, and security of Google's Gmail. DLP means that many enterprises running less-efficient email services for compliance reasons now have a Gmail option.

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