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Former Snowden investigator: Bumbling bureaucracy means insiders get away with it

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Oct 17, 2016.

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    You’ve identified an employee is stealing business critical information. What now? Who needs to know? Who can take action? Is this a CEO issue or an HR issue?

    Too late. “Time wasted, in the case of insider threats, results in more data lost or damaged,” says Keith Lowry, a former Pentagon chief of staff now head of business threat intelligence and analysis at Nuix.

    A lack of clear authority to act on insider threats is leading to disastrous results, Lowry says, and the resulting bureaucratic fumble means malicious actors are getting away with it.

    “How many CIOs and IT leaders are prepared to take on personnel issues about somebody who’s caught doing something wrong inside a company?” Lowry asked journalists in Sydney last week. “They all say that’s not my job, I just present the facts, it has to go someplace else. But when a threat demands an immediate reaction, untimely or unnecessarily delayed responses create confusion and failure.”

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