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Fix for long security checkpoints lines is to kick TSA out of airports

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, May 24, 2016.

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    You go through TSA security checkpoints and leave without the carry-on items you put in a bin and sent through the conveyor belt to be scanned. It happens a lot; things go missing in ways other than TSA confiscating items. Just ask Eric Cheng, a “photographer, technologist, drone expert, and author,” who said the TSA handed his $2,800 MacBook Pro to some random stranger.

    “After following TSA security protocols, TSA gave my $2,800 computer away to another passenger whom they were unable or unwilling to identify and track down,” he wrote. Although Cheng noted that everyone had been courteous to him, the police were not inclined to file a report because “it was probably an accident” and they didn’t believe a crime had been committed.

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