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Example usage fuse-s3fs.

Discussion in 'fuse-s3fs' started by sbagmeijer, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. sbagmeijer

    sbagmeijer Machine

    In this small example I will show how you can mount a S3 bucket to your server when using fuse-s3fs.

    Step 1: Install ulyaoth repository.
    See this post: https://www.ulyaoth.net/resources/ulyaoth-repository.6/

    Step 2: Install fuse-s3fs
    $ yum install ulyaoth-fuse-s3fs
    Fedora 22+:
    $ dnf install ulyaoth-fuse-s3fs
    Step 3: Create a password file. (you can change to your own location)
    $ vi /root/.s3credentials
    Now add to this file your S3 credentials in this format: accessKeyId:secretAccessKey

    so for example HG71328g673bhj:JGHd78g78123h

    Step 4: Change permissions of your password file.
    $ chmod 0600 /root/.s3credentials
    Step 5: Create the bucket directory
    $ mkdir -p /mnt/ulyaoth
    Step 6: Connect your bucket.
    $ s3fs yourbucket /path/to/bucketdirectory -o passwd_file=/path/to/s3credentials
    $ s3fs ulyaoth /mnt/ulyaoth -o passwd_file=/root/.s3credentials
    So my bucket named "ulyaoth" is now mounted under "/mnt/ulyaoth".

    Congratulations that is it now you have your S3 bucket mounted and you can use it similar as a file-system.
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