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Empower your employees by embracing shadow IT

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Shadow IT is often viewed as something that opens up businesses to data and security threats, leaving IT without control over business apps and services. But that attitude is changing as more businesses adopt a friendly attitude towards unconventional IT practices.

    "Some CIOs certainly see 'shadow' IT as a negative, hence the less flattering terms 'feral' or 'rogue' IT, but more progressive CIOs know that, given today's technology and the increasing savvy of the business, it's in their best interest to embrace shadow IT," says Tracy Cashman, senior vice president and partner of WinterWyman Executive Search.

    Cashman says it's time for IT to embrace the fact that they can't control everything and instead, help drive innovation around IT practices so that they align with the modern reality of technology. It's about empowering users because otherwise, they'll go around IT and download the software they want to use anyway.

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