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Electromagnetic Pulse weapons could knock enterprises offline

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Electromagnetic Pulse are back in the news as potential threats to the U.S. and other nations as the U.S. and China have announced significant progress in advancing the state of the art of these attacks. Nations, enterprises, and individual buildings and installations, which count on electric power and everything that it enables are at risk of being devastated by EMPs.

    According to EMP Cover, EMP attacks move through the air in a manner similar to radio waves with electronics acting as antennas, receiving the waves; the EMP attacks overwhelm the electronics with up to 50K volts, burning them out. EMP attacks have historically been possible only as a bi-product of a nuclear attack or an intended cause of a large scale missile attack approximately 250 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere, according to T. Casey Fleming, CEO, BLACKOPS Partners, a special operations firm teaming America’s top experts from the critical disciplines required in defending U.S. companies against economic espionage.

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