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Data breach at Missing Link leaves several vineyards with taste of plonk

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 13, 2015.

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    I have been collecting wine for over a decade now. And by collecting I mean that I would buy a bunch and it would not survive to see the end of the year. A short term collector if you will. I had always fancied the idea that one day I would own a small vineyard and enjoy my twilight years working the vines. Then it dawned on me that that is a lot of hard work. Nuts to that idea. I’ll just stick to drinking the wine.

    What struck me about owning a vineyard is that there is a lot of other aspects to the business that a wine maker might not actually have the wherewithal to handle. First and foremost that springs to mind is the IT aspect of running a business like that. Wine makers are good at what they know best and that is making wine. That is their training and their passion. So, what is a proprietor to do? Enter the third party IT supplier. They will show up and provide all manner of services to get you up and running. Everything from a website to a email campaigns to backend systems.

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