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Cybersecurity Industry News, 2/2016

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Just five weeks into 2016 and it’s already been a busy year for the cybersecurity industry. Here are just a few highlights so far:

    FireEye goes on a shopping spree.

    Ignoring Wall Street’s trepidation, FireEye continues to remain aggressive on the acquisition front by grabbing iSight Partners and Invotas. With the addition of these two companies, FireEye can claim leadership in:

    • Threat intelligence. FireEye/Mandiant was already strong in this area and with the addition of iSight, FireEye becomes the instant market leader. FireEye already had a different view of threat intelligence, pivoting from cyber-adversaries (i.e. threat actors, TTPs, etc.) into the enterprise. With this perspective, FireEye believes it can help customers anticipate attacks and become more proactive with prevention, detection, and response. By adding iSight, FireEye attains a broader view of the threat landscape that can be integrated into its products and used to create a variety of threat intelligence services for enterprise and mid-market customers. Oh, and let’s not forget that FireEye picks up a few hundred cybersecurity experts in the deal which is especially important given the acute global cybersecurity skills shortage. This will certainly boost FireEye’s services presence and revenue.
    • The Integrated Cybersecurity Orchestration Platform (ICOP) market. Invotas sells a market-leading ICOPs solution that helps organizations streamline incident response operations and automate remediation tasks. Just about every enterprise organization needs these IR capabilities and since it doesn’t make sense for them to write their own software, the ICOPs market is poised to be a big deal in 2016. With Invotas in hand, FireEye becomes an instant player and can now address 4 of 5 areas I call out in my IR “fab 5” concept.

    You’ve gotta admit that FireEye's CEO has a lot of chutzpah. Dave is on a mission to create a new type of cybersecurity company and is willing to march down this path with or without the millennials on Wall Street’s support. Invotas and iSight are bold moves that have the potential to make FireEye a multi-billion cybersecurity vendor over time.

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