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Crook offers 1,300 PayPal accounts, claims billions more are compromised

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Dec 2, 2015.

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    On Monday, a random posting to Pastebin offered 1,300 email addresses and passwords to anyone who happened to come across the file, and provided a sponsored link to what the post claims to be a file containing billions of PayPal accounts.

    The post on Pastebin records the email address and password for 1,300 people, and claims to be a list of PayPal accounts. There is an Ad Fly link to what's said to be a downloadable master list of 23,873,667,087 hacked accounts. Aside from loading an Ad, the link itself is dead, as the download domain doesn't exist anymore.

    But there's plenty to question when it comes to the authenticity of the list.

    A search of some of the disclosed email addresses show the exact list posted anonymously to Pastebin on November 28, but without the PayPal claims.

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