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Configuring IIS Logs for nxlog

Discussion in 'Install Logstash and Kibana on a Windows server.' started by swethog, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. swethog

    swethog New Member Member

    Maybe this just happened to me, but seeing your doc has us not use the Default Web Site, the new website created is actually W3SVC2 not W3SVC1 and this needs to modified in the nxlog.conf file downloaded in Step 16. I then restarted all 4 services and was able to continue configuring the index in Step 17.

    File "C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC2\u_ex*.log"

    I installed on Windows 2012R2 fully patched, BTW.
  2. sbagmeijer

    sbagmeijer Machine

    Hi I see I made some mistakes indeed in the guide the IIS steps are not fully correct, thank you for reporting this I will spent this Saturday on updating the guide and correcting all the mistakes.
  3. sbagmeijer

    sbagmeijer Machine

    I updated the whole guide including the IIS steps to make them correct, I also clarified that people might need to change the nxlog.conf file to fill in the correct line.

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