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Can enterprises keep mobile security threats from driving customers away?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jan 5, 2016.

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    A 2015 mobile app survey from Bluebox Security supports the notion that most consumers would turn away from vendors if their mobile app is compromised and take their business elsewhere.

    The vast majority (80 percent) of consumers surveyed said that they would stop patronizing a company if its mobile app was compromised in a breach, say the Bluebox Mobile App Survey results. Participants in the 2015 survey include approximately 400 consumers and 300 developers.

    The vulnerabilities that lead to mobile app breaches lie as much or more in the mobile OSs as in the apps. More than 1 billion devices running affected Android and iOS operating systems were vulnerable to the Stagefright attack this year, according to Adam Ely, CSO, Bluebox Security. That number is based on the install base of mobile devices with the vulnerable OSs. “That makes mobile the next big security threat vector,” says Ely.

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